Friday, October 12, 2007

She is growing up!

Well lets see on Wednesday, I was at work all day and josh texts me saying that our little girls has grown up today. First she took off her poop diaper and started running. Glad i wasn't here for that. Than she can open all of the doors in the house we are no longer safe from her getting into everything. She got in to the pantry and pull out a can dropped it on her big toe. Poor girl she cried for 30 mins. She does not cry more than five mins over anything. She would not walk at all the rest of the night. It was so sad to watch her even try to walk she couldn't put any weight on it. So sad to say. She really is a big girl now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well to night my brother and his family came over for dinner. So that my sister in law and i could work on her fun blog. It is all of her stuff that she is so good at making. All of you need to check her site out. The husbands were watching the crazy kids. We were laugh because we could hear the kids laughing and playing. So that was our fun little night.