Saturday, May 23, 2009

She is getting so big!

So our Hadli is one of the funniest kids ever. Really has the most personality out I have seen in a 2 year old well almost 3. This little one has carried a purse around with her everywhere she goes. I mean everywhere! Before she was 2 she had so many of them. She would find all of my old ones so they were as big as she was and she would load those babies up. We took them into every store and everyones house we went to. Finally I just had her carry her own stuff :). That is one thing she would not share at all. Cyndi even gave her a kids purse for her birthday last year that is how much she loves them. On to the next love. Which is pretties we like to call them. (chap stick, lip gloss, or lipstick). Yes she loves them can't get enough of them either. So at least I know when I can't find mine she has a back up with her at all times. When you ask for a kiss and she just put her pretties on she turns her head and says NO I have pretties on and gives us the cheek. :) She is to funny with her pretties she knows how to take off her shirt without getting them messed up to. Now for the last one. Is Shoes. She loves them. We sleep with them on. Yes they have to be on. I don't even try to fight with her on that one. Whatever. So when it is bed time we have to have those shoes on and our purse goes with us. I now I am bad mom to let her just take all this stuff to bed with her. But I don't care. In the morning if she can't find her shoes she is yelling at me to come and get her out. So I can find them for her. If she has them both she gets out on her own. And if anyone comes over (girls) and they take their shoes off she goes straight for them. She has been walking in heels for a very long time. She is better than I am. I decided not to buy anymore shoes because we will get into if I pick out a pair she doesn't thinks goes with he outfit. Now if she gets in trouble I tell her I will take her shoes away and she can't wear them. I did that today man did we have a meltdown. Than she came to me a minute later and said mom I am done crying can I have my shoes back now. That is just a little about my sweet sweet little big girl that I love so much. She is getting way to smart for me. She remembers everything little thing. She is such a good big sister. Its her baby Xander. They share a room and I love it they will now play in their beds When I lay them down for a nap and bedtime. Because he has figured how to stand up so he can see her. So they talk and laugh forever.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He goes everywhere

So I can't sleep. I thought I would post about my little man. He is just so funny. He loves his walker. He is to tall for already but. He doesn't care. He really just stands up in it all day. I will go in the other room for a second and he will be gone. I have to go looking for him. His new place to go is the playroom. The funny thing is my house doesn't have big hallways so he barely fits through in that thing. But he likes to play in there. Even if Hadli isn't in there.
This past weekend he decided that army crawling was way faster than just crawling. Even though he gets up on all four still. So he really goes all over. He loves his daddy's TV. He thinks it so funny to touch everything. I tell him no and he laughs at me. How do you really get mad at such a sweet face. He just thinks I am playing with him. Man how I love him. He really is a mamma's boy. Even though I act like I don't like it sometimes but to me honest I love it. So tonight he decided that he was going to crawl a little he did it four time in a row. If that makes any sense.
Needless to say I LOVE that little man.