Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun in the snow!

Well we went up to Payson a couple of weekends ago to play in the snow and see one of Josh's high school buddies. We had a good time getting away even if it was just for the day. The weather was so nice. Hadli was kinda mad at us. We woke her up so we could get out and play. She likes her naps. So at first she was not to sure with it all but she did good. At the end she got to throwing some snow balls around with us. So it was a good time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are open!!!!

Well we are finally open. It has been four weeks. So it is nice not stressing over. When is it going to be done. That is a plus. So now we just have to get it busy busy. But I have been impressed so far. We have stayed pretty steady. So I can not complain about that at all. So it is pretty fun to hear how everyone is so excited to have something out here.

I have to give Josh and His dad a ton of props on building the salon. They truly did an amazing job!!! His dad really can do anything you ask her is awesome at building anything. If he doesn't know how he will figure it out. Josh also did a great job. He had never really done anything this big before. They did everything in the salon expect the ac and staining the floors (we got to good of a deal to do that). So I am very proud of him!!!