Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My little girl!

So I have been off for the past four days and it has been really nice to be home with my little miss Hadli. She is now 20 months old. She acts so much older than she is and I don't know what to think. I want her to stay my little girl. But she doesn't want to. So for a while she has been acting like the trouble two's and I was going crazy.
But these past days has been so good this is when your forget about all of the lovely fits they do. And just freaking out. But she has been so good that we can go out and do whatever. The funny thing with her is she wakes up about 7:30 every morning and is ready for a nap by 11:00. If she goes down by than she really will sleep for 3 1/2 to 4 hours no joke. So that is alot of time to get stuff done. Needless to say I hate to fold cloths so they will just sit clean in my laundry room forever. But I was so tried of that. All 4 days she slept for 4 hours. So my house is The cleanest it has been for a very long time. I went through all of our closets and cleaned them all out folded all of the clothing.
The only thing crazy she did these past days is try to grow up to fast. She is asking to go potty on the toilet. She will take her diaper off and try to sit on it. And yes I know some would be grateful for this and yes I am too. But I don't want to stop every 5 mins when we are out to go to the bathroom. So today she was in the bathroom for a while so I got up to go check on her. When I got closer I could hear her saying mommy mommy. I opened the door and she has fallen in the toilet with her shorts on and was just hanging out. I had to take a picture before I got her out. (just with my phone). I was laughing so hard. She really wants to do this so I told myself that when my diapers run out that is all. Than I will plan on staying home for at least 2 days straight so we can make her a big girl. She isn't even 2 years old. She talks way to much and is just not my little girl anymore.
But every night she will just sit by me or lay by me on the couch. She will give loves like crazy and that is I don't even care if it is past her bed time.
All I can say is that I just LOVE this little girl of mine. I am very blessed to have her. She does the funniest faces lately too. She blows me kisses all of the time too. I just have the best little girl in the whole world.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trip to Pima

So this past weekend My sister and her girls, Hadli and I went to Pima on Friday. We haven't been home for a long time. So we decided to go. My cousin Marci and her girls were going to be there. We haven't seen the for a while. On Friday we went up to my other cousins house Heidi. She has 3 little boys soon to be 4 and than Marci's girls were there (4) so needless to say everyone had a buddy to play with. They all had so much fun together it was good to see everyone. My mom came down on Saturday. So she has a storage room up there. That we need to clean out. So That is what our Saturday was. The girls came with us. We were a little worried that they would get tried fast. But they did really well. We to a break and had to eat at El Charo. Miss all of that good food down there. But we had a good time clean. We stopped and looked at pictures. And laughed a lot. I found Hadli's big girl bedroom set. It was my great grandmas. It is still awesome. So can't wait to put her in it. The girls got to see the cows and the horses grandpa had them down at the house so that was fun for them. Hadli has a thing for cows right now. She loves them. On Sunday we went to church with grandma and grandpa. It was fun to go. Than of course grandma made all of the good Sunday dinner. She made a lot of good food. Thanks for that and the beds. We had a good time.


Well I am just trying to catch up. I am not very good at posting. Well for Easter we had a pretty quite one but it was fun. We went to church and go all dressed up. Than we went out to my mother in-laws for a little egg hunt and dinner. Hadli would not put her cell phone down when she was looking for the eggs. She was so funny about that. So they have rock band at there house. That is so fun to play we will play for hours. And yes Hadli has to be involved with us all. No she has her own microphone it is so fun to watch her. She will dance and sign all at the same time and on beat.