Saturday, December 8, 2007


So I have decided that I was going to make Quite books for some of my gifts and also one for miss Hadli Jane. I remember growing up and having one too. That my mom made. So my friend has one, I looked at it and thought that shouldn't be that hard to make. I get all of the stuff and I start figuring it out. I have four of them I am making. Now that I am doing have started making them it comes to me that I am crazy for trying to do all of these at once. They look easy and are really not that bad. It is just all of the little things you have to cut out and than all of the other stuff you have to put on them or sew all of this together. So needless to say I have a job in front of me. I have got a lot done so far. I just have to finish them up. But they are looking pretty good so far. Man my mom made so much stuff for us and a lot of our cloths. I try but it is way easier to go and buy it. Also fun to make it. So this is what I will be doing darning nap time.

Just so tired

Well the other night. I was feeding Hadli dinner. She was totally eating than she was just looking down at the ground. So i went to get something 2 seconds later she was out cold. Felt so bad for the little girl she must of played to hard that day.